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Disney on Stamps Handbook

All the stamps licensed by Disney, from countries around the world, presented in a lovely, artistic fashion. Includes a description of each issue. A wonderful gift, or a super addition to a Disney collection! Perfect bound in two parts.

Wild Cats in Art Handbook

A detailed depiction in full color of wild cats on more than 1100 postage stamps of the world. Vignettes show close-ups of the beautiful felines, adding depth and interest. Book is perfect bound in two parts. A stunning "coffee table" book!

Watercraft on Stamps II Handbook

From ATA's Ships on Stamps Unit: A book listing watercraft stamps of the world. Reprinted in larger format from original soldout version. Lovely color chapter section.

Plants on Stamps V Handbook

This fifth volume is a sequel to earlier books. Print copies of ATA HBs 94, 112, 118-Orchids, 137 and 163 are available bundled (reduced price). Plants IV, HB 149, is out of print.

Marc Chagall on Postal Stamps Handbook

120+ color illustrations of stamps showcasing Marc Chagall's artistry. Many depict paintings, stained glass and theater work. A "must" for collectors of Judaica and of art.

Insects on Stamps of the World Handbook

Insect stamp listings from 2003 through 2013. This is a sequel to earlier books. Print copies of ATA HBs 123 are still available; the supply of HB 150 is extremely limited).

Adventures in Topical Stamp Collecting

Having been dubbed the "Bible" of topical collecting, this handbook focuses on creating a topical collection for one's own pleasure. Most emphasis is placed on additional elements available on a topic of your choosing to enhance your collection.

Americana On Foreign Stamps I Handbook

What is Americana? This book covers people and topics such as FDR, Lincoln, Kennedy, Statue of Liberty, U.S. Flag, and so much more. Information is provided on the background of stamps and checklists are included as well. See ATA HB 85 for continuation.

Astronomy And Philately Handbook

Organized into four sections, this handbook tells you all about stamps with an Astronomy theme. This book provides an alphabetical listing of Astro subtopics with the issuing country and catalog number. It also contains brief biographies of several astrologists and astronomers.

John James Audubon On Stamps Handbook

Ducks, cranes, pelicans, owls… this book is all about birds! Checklists galore featuring birds on stamps from all over the world.

Bats In Philately Handbook

Bats, bats, and more bats! This handbook contains checklists and intriguing facts about the different types of bats depicted on stamps, the only known mammal that actively flies.

Americana On Foreign Stamps II Handbook

This book has three sections relating to the topic of Americana; checklist by countries, subject index to both volumes, and sub-topic checklists. Companion to ATA HB 58.

Amphibians on Postage Stamps

This ATA handbook is a beautifully designed colorful rendering of interesting information about frogs and toads and their importance in conservation. A very complete checklist is integral to the book.

Bears on Stamps

No lions, no tigers, but BEARS! Real bears, fictional bears, teddy bears, toy bears and miscellaneous bears.